lunes, 10 de diciembre de 2018

Stepping hard with style: FSJShoes.

   Hi girls, I hope you are very well! I know, I've been a little absent and i apologize. I have been working on other things but here I am and with the best of energies!

December is characterized by family unity, sharing with your loved ones and celebrating Christmas and the arrival of a new year. That's why, and as in any celebration, we must have the ideal outfit and the perfect complement for these parties.

For a triumphant entry in the style of Jennifer Aniston in the movie "Just go with it" with slow motion and background music, the perfect complement to your outfit can be found in FSJShoes

Do you like to be the center of attention and always go to the vanguard  in fashion and trends? Then the Stilettos Heels are for you. They are beautiful shoes that will always go well even if you wear jeans. They make you look sophisticated, chic and very fashionable.

   Now, if your style is more retro but you like to preserve the glamorous touch, Vintage Heels are undoubtedly the right ones for you. I particularly declare myself a fan of pin up and I would absolutely have many pairs of this style or at least to choose, i would not know where to start!

   In summary both styles are amazing, different is true, but having in common that both emphasize the sexy and elegant side in each one of us. And to you, what style have you liked the most? Tell me your opinion in the comment box.

To see these and other designs you can visit their website. I say goodbye not without first wishing you a happy holiday and a prosperous new year full of many good things. Below I leave my social networks to be in contact. See you  next time.

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