miércoles, 28 de agosto de 2019

Alimentos para fortalecer el cabello y uñas. Parte II

Hola, espero se encuentren muy bien. Aquí la continuación de los que he decidido llamar "microgems". Esta semana les hablaré sobre las legumbres.

Se denomina legumbre (del latín legumen) a la semilla contenida en las plantas de la familia de las Leguminosas (Fabaceae). 

Fuente La Prensa

Algunos alimentos que forman parte de esta familia son: alfalfa, garbanzos, lentejas, cacahuetes o maní, frijol, guisantes, ejotes o judía verde, habas entre otros. (Fuente Wikipedia)

Estos alimentos se caracterizan por su alto contenido en proteínas, son ricas en fibra ademas aportan vitaminas del grupo B ( tiamina, niacina, B6 y ácido fólico) y minerales como calcio, zinc, potasio, fósforo, hierro y magnesio. ( Fuente Webconsultas)

Fuente Cuidate Plus

Además, su cobre ayuda al mantenimiento de la masa capilar y favorece la síntesis de la melanina, por lo que retrasa las canas. ( Fuentes SabervivirTV)

Debo insistir en que debes llevar una rutina saludable, estos alimentos por si solos no harán la magia. A veces con nuestro día a día nos olvidamos un poco de nosotras mismas, pero de a poco se crea un hábito fuerte.

Sin mas, me despido esta vez como siempre invitándolos a dejar sus comentarios y, ¿por que no? de que les gustaría saber. Nos vemos en la próxima.

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martes, 20 de agosto de 2019

Alimentos para fortalecer el cabello y uñas. Parte I.

Hola chicas, ¿qué tal les va? Hoy quiero adentrarme en algo un poco diferente pero muy relacionado a lo que hago y que nos dará beneficios a nuestra salud.

Quiero iniciar un sección para hablarles de alimentos y cosas naturales que nos ayudan a mantener nuestro cabello y uñas sanos y fuertes.

Sin más preámbulos, hoy quiero hablarles de las crucíferas. Estos vegetales son una especie del género Brassica. Estas plantas incluyen a la rúgula, brócoli, coliflor, coles de bruselas, repollo entre otros. (Fuente: Instituto Nacional del Cáncer).


Las crucíferas son ricas en antioxidantes, fibra, beta caroteno (pro vitamina A), Vitamina C que son imprescindibles para producir colágeno. Contienen azufre, que previene el debilitamiento de uñas y cabello. (Fuente: Saber Vivir TV)


Para aprovechar mejor sus nutrientes, mejor cómelas crudas o cocidas al vapor. Te ayudarán, entre otras cosas, a tener una memoria de elefante, a retrasar el deterioro mental o la aparición de enfermedades como el Alzheimer y a levantar las defensas.

Así que no dejes de incluir estos ricos vegetales a tu dieta y obtendrás todos estos beneficios. Por supuesto recuerda hidratarte, hacer algún tipo de ejercicio al menos 3 veces por semana, dormir 8 horas y protegerte del sol. 

Estén atentas a otro micro con mas alimentos para mantenerse sanas y bellas. Nos vemos en la próxima.

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viernes, 12 de julio de 2019

Vintage style never gets old in Zapaka

Hello! How are you? It is July and that only means one thing... Holidays! There are also all sorts of events we can attend. That is why today I want to talk to you about a place where you can find ideal clothes that, in my opinion, never go out of style.

In Zapaka we can find dresses for any occasion and for all tastes. In my own case, I love the pin up style and finding this store was a great discovery. Besides the fact that the website is very attractive to the eye, it makes you want to see and have all its products.

And while we enter into the matter, I want to talk about White Polka Dots Red Dress, this dress is perfect for an outdoor party, in this presentation in red you can be sure that you will be the center of all eyes.

My favorite color has always been blue, and the combination with black polka dots is perfect for a casual summer look. The neckline is closed neck with short sleeves and a blue ribbon attached to the waist to make your outfit more eye-catching. The Blue Black Dot Dress is all you need represented in a dress: Comfort, beauty and elegance.


If there is one thing in which Zapaka emphasizes it is that their designs wander through different eras, all with something in common, the enhancement of feminine beauty. This is a video of their Youtube channel with distinctive examples of 1950s fashion.

There is something well marked in this style and are the colorful dresses, but if you are more of dark colors this Black And White Dots Dress is mandatory to have it. For cocktails, an appointment and even a meeting in the office, with a bell-shaped skirt and comfortable to wear throughout the day. It is, in conclusion, the perfect dress!

I would like to invite you to visit this website and enjoy its dresses and accessories, there is everything for every occasion. I guarantee that, like me, you will love it. See you next time!

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jueves, 21 de marzo de 2019

iPad Deluxe Cases in FYY Store

   Hello everyone, I am back here... As always to talk to you about the latest trends in fashion and accessories. This time, I want to talk to you about accessories for the devices that, today, make life easier for those who have it. Without further ado, I bring you an entry about the cases for Ipad devices that FYY Store has to offer.

There is one for all tastes, for the most elegant or for a more executive style. For the more minimalist and sophisticated they have the Cowhide Genuine Leather Case for Ipad Pro 12.9". This cases have pencil holder, with easy access to all ports.

They are made of genuine leather, has adjustable support with multiple viewing angles.  Perfect for videoconferencing and watching movies.  Available in many beautiful colors. 

As I said at the beginning, these devices make life much easier for us, and allow us to keep up with our work and even accompany us in our days of leisure so they deserve to be well cared for and why not do it with style, right? Well, in the iPad Pro 11 2018 Series you can find cases like the Luxurious Genuine Leather Case that are handmade and include a strap to take with you everywhere.

These cases have a lot of pockets. for you to store and have quick access to all your credentials. They are super tough so you can use it for work, travel and even a picnic.

These cases provide practicality and style, as do the iPad Pro 12.9 2018 Series Cases which also are made of premium microfiber, provides a smooth and secure touch print for your tablet. All of them have an Auto Wake/Sleep Strong magnetic support.

So if you are an iPad user, do not miss the opportunity to purchase one of these spectacular cases. Be sure to visit their website and see all these collections that are fancy! I bid you farewell without inviting you to leave your comments. I love you! See you next time.

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viernes, 18 de enero de 2019

Beautiful bags in Baginning

Hey, girls, how's it going? I hope you enjoyed the holidays and that you come with all the good energy to reach your goals this new year.

   As a personal goal, I intend to be more active on the blog and what better way to take this step than to talk to you about fashion and accessories? I think I speak for everyone when I say that there is no complete outfit without a good bag and, if you are like me who like casual without leaving their comfort zone when it comes to dressing, in Baginning you can find it.

Relaxed look but very chic? I've got it for you! Clear Fanny Pack come in bright colors and are beautiful. Personally, it's a bag that I would use because I don't usually use big bags but on the contrary I only carry what I need at the time of going out always thinking about my comfort.

There are for all styles, the Best Fanny Pack you can use even for a more formal outlet or for an executive or office look as you can find leather bags that will give the final touch to your outfit.

I recommend you to visit the site, you will fall in love with the designs of these fabulous bags. Valentine's Day is approaching and it would be a great gift, don't you think? As always, I read you in the comments and don't stop following me on my social networks. See you next time!

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